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Are you sure you know Buddha ?

Introduction:                                                                                          Buddhism is one of the many things we learned in UGC 111. Our group was interested to find out more about what some students in UB think about Buddhism. Of all the other topics we decided on Buddhism, as many Singaporeans are familiar with this religion. Click on the video to find out what people thought!

Conclusion: From our little experiment, you would have realized that the notion of Buddhism differs from person to person. As we all have learned through lecture, Buddha was an affluent man who relinquished his material goods and turned to meditation to find an answer to the sufferings that exist in the world.

He became the “awakened one”, and he gave people the answer to how they shall live. Hence, Buddhism started being practiced by many people from early days in 320- 180 BCE in the Mauryan Dynasty and in many countries such as China, Korea, Tibet, India and many more! (take a look at the map in Prof’s Class 11 slides)

The notion of Buddhism has certainly evolved and has become something far more complex than what it originally was! Despite the existent perspectives, we hope you learned a few facts about Buddha today.




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