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Getting Married!

The night sky is filled with thousands of stars, dazzling brightly, as one looks up into the sky.  It never fails to amaze me when I gaze upon the beautiful starry night. Tonight was a special night. This night sky today made me realised how blessed am I. I realise that I might not have any chance to enjoy these dazzling stars at very this spot ever again. I slowly stepped into the room and sat down on the chair. Looking into the mirror, looking at the contour of my face, I didn’t realise how much my face changed over the years, until now. Memories of me playing in front ofour tall, red, brick house, withmy clay dolls of Nubians in my hands, still remain fresh in my thoughts and mind.

Closing my eyes, I couldn't help but imagine how perfect my marriage would be, starting from tomorrow. I could feel my pounding heart like I have never experienced before, as I think about him. Even though our wedding is an arranged marriage, I will admit we are deeply in love. Finally, when I am fifteen years of age, I am marrying "Brother", (the way ancient Egyptians call their loved ones) who is 3 years older. I believe that after our marriage, I will be loved and respected by Brother.

Our marriage contract is already at the local temple. It is written as below:

“The Adjo, born in Egypt, son of Ahseb,

whose mother is Sesha, has said to the woman

Wenis, daughter of Shuyet, whose mother is

Neken: I have made you a married woman.

as your womans portion, I give you two pieces of

Silver lf I dismiss you as wife and dislike you and

prefer another woman to you as wife, I will give you

two pieces of silver in addition to the two pieces of

silver mentioned above and I will give you one third

of each and everything that will accrue to you and me.”

Suddenly, I stood up and ran to the wardrobe, just to look at my wedding dress once more. It is apretty long white linen dress, with a red ribbon in the centre, and it is able to cover my whole body, sewed with bead-net.Looking at my own reflection in the mirror, I put on my biggest smile. Will he be amazed when he sees me tomorrow? Will he be as excited as me too?

But alas. My worries came like a rock striking my head. What if he does not love me anymore and gets a concubine? What if I do not bear his child within a year? I might get a divorce! I grew nervous that he might regret and not accept me tomorrow. The mixed feelings I had, hoping for a good marriage and to maintain it, no matter the hardships and circumstances that may come.

Tomorrow, there is no grand ceremony for our wedding. However, there will be a simplefamily banquetwith all the delicious dishes, accompanied by dance and music. Empty wine jars laid flat on the table. People celebrating the happy occasion with wine and meat that was hunted few days before the ceremony. Hearing Brother’s melodic singsong voice, my heart was coated with honey. The traditional song that I longed for from my special one.“ One, the lady love without a duplicate, more than perfect than the world… …” I will be wearing my long dress tomorrow. Galana mesdemet and malachite beautified my face. Kohel maintains my eyes in almond shape.(Types of makeup in the 4000 BC).


Halfway through the banquet in my imagination, we are about to exchange our rings which symbolised a gateway for the future event. It is a common belief in our culture that ring finger had a vein links to our hearts. It also represents that he trust the household in my hands. He is looking deeply into my eyes, with his filled with confidence and without any hesitant, he put on the ring on my left ring finger. That moment will be breathtaking. I believe that he entrusted me and had faith in me. This action allows me to proclaim that I am his official wife. I am finally going to be the wife of Adjo!

Sincere wishes and congratulations will come non-stop from my family members. Tears welled up my eyes and began to roll down my cheeks as I know it is the time that I part with my parents whom I had been living with for the past fifteen years just by picturing in my mind. I started to feel uneasy at the thought of a new environment, a new home I am going to stay. Turning my head, having a quick thought about my in-laws, I fear that I cannot live in harmony with them. Flashbacks of me at home in the past appeared in my mind. My mother treated me like a princess and never allowed me to do any housework when I am supposed to. She did everything herself for the sake of me. Her love for me is very commendable. However, from now on, I will be alone myself, with no guidance and things need to be done alone. I know that it will be tough as I need to learn everything. However, Adjo trusted my ability. I cannot disappoint him.

All the anxieties spurred up to my mind. My vision became blurry. Unconsciously, I fell into a deep sleep on the chair.

When I opened my eyes, the rays of the morning sun has shone through the windows and brighten my room. Looking at my belongings which I carefully packed at the side of the door, I know that the time has come to move into Brother’s house. Seeing my brick wall dyed in my favourite colour, blue, remembering my lovely garden with very neat paths, I know I am already missing this place.