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Meanwhile in China: Wonder what's happening in Rome!

Over the semester, we have learnt about so many different civilizations and their happenings. So, we decided to create a timeline that merges three of these civilizations together, so that we can all learn about the chronological order of the happenings around the world! Like, during the Dark Ages of Rome, when life seemed all so gloomy because of the harsh conditions and tight supply of food, China was under the reign of the Zhou Dynasty and in the midst of the Warring States period. This period is more commonly known to us as the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. (So now you'll know that while you are starving in Rome, your long lost brother who migrated to China is currently fighting it out.) We got pretty intrigued about the various happenings around the world as civilizations begin to emerge and so, we compiled this timeline of Greece, Rome and China. After doing so, we realized that the period of 1000 BCE - 1 CE has the most happenings! Click HERE to see the timeline!