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Savor the Past!

Hi everyone! We did a tumblr post as part of our blogpost #3 assignment. The topic we have worked on is Food Preservation. But before we proceed, here is a brief introduction presented in the form of a poem. Enjoy!

Food Preservation? Yeah that's right!

From Drying through to Canning,

it has put up a good fight!

As something that evolved gradually over time,

having more than a basic understanding is prime.

Fret not, for we'll walk you through the steps

But do brace yourselves, for it may be a little complex.


The purpose of our project is for you to understand

the subject of food history that is made to your hand.

Of preservation methods that made sustenance possible,

it is not a doubt that these processes are un-stoppable.

From past to present,

people's mentality have changed,

Of intentions that we have planned

and the roads that we have paved.

From procuring food commercially to preserving at home,

It's usage evident wherever you wander, wherever you roam.

Interests on preservation have shifted from a "need" to a "want"

So, hesitate no further and join us on our food jaunt!

Here is the link for the tumblr account:



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