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Stilldigging News - Two Women and their Place in Society

Part-time reporter Mojojojo from Stilldigging News spots two women from different cultures having an intellectual debate about who is better. He goes closer to find out. This is actually a quirky, witty representation of Women’s rights in Early Vedic India (1500-500 BCE, then Laws of Manu in 200-400 CE) and Ancient Mongolia in the 13th century. It is based on actual facts but with a little local modern twist (and a bit of Singlish). Although, it may sound a little biased on either side but we should always take to account the subjectivity of oral accounts when people talk about their own culture. Enjoy!

Here is the link to the video of the interview, which unfortunately did not end well for the reporter.

Areas of discussion: 1. Marriage and rights 2. Responsibilities in the household 3. Contributions to the society and economy


Starring: Reporter - Mojojojo Mrs Early Vedic - Vishnu Rajajaja Mrs Mongolian - Botokhui Targhunghunghun

Sources: Mongolia -

Early Vedic India -

Done by: Crystal Tan Leong Jiang Maan Lim Zi Ying