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Mongols: Resurrectors of Silk Road and Precursors of Modern Trade

Mongols: Resurrectors of Silk Road and Precursors of Modern Trade

The Mongol Empire is famously recognised to be the largest land empire in all of history. The fearsomeness of the Mongol warriors, the terror tactics they employed and their signature horseback archery are often the topics discussed when it comes to the aspects of the Mongol Empire. However this blog post would like to introduce a crucial impact left by the Mongol, international trade. It was the Mongols who revived the Silk Road trade and brought it to new heights thus paving way to the beginnings of global trade that we see today.

Khan You Live Like a Mongol?

Khan You Live Like a Mongol?

The early Mongols did not understand the culture and lifestyle of settled living. Their nomadic lifestyle meant that land could not be owned, much like air, or the ocean. Viewed by settled societies as barbarians, the Mongols were first united and conquered by Temüjin in 1206, where he eventually went on to form the largest neighbouring empire in history known as the Mongol empire.

Mom! I met Kublai Khan from the past!

Giorgiomonteforti,  Eight of 15 Great Khagans of the Mongolian Empire , Nov 2008, Public Domain.

Giorgiomonteforti, Eight of 15 Great Khagans of the Mongolian Empire, Nov 2008, Public Domain.

Here are 8 of the 15 Great Khans that ever ruled the Mongols!

Can you guess who we will be talking about today?

Anige of Nepal,  Kublai Khan , 1294, Public Domain. 

Anige of Nepal, Kublai Khan, 1294, Public Domain. 

We'll be talking about Kublai Khan! 

In our previous blog post, we went into how the Mongols were not just a purely violent empire solely bent on territorial domination, but how they also had economic merits and positively influenced trade in Eurasia. One of the great Khans who kept their legacy alive was... Kublai Khan! 

Kublai Khan’s administrative rule marked the turning point in Mongol history as he created a stationary society, the Yuan Dynasty (1271 – 1368), which vastly differed from the traditional nomadic nature of Mongolians. Furthermore, he unified China and merged it with his Mongol Empire, creating an interdependent relationship between the two. This helped to create international awareness about the Mongol Empire. He was instrumental to many significant ideas and led a huge, powerful and stable empire, and now deservedly has his name down in history. 

We chose to go a different route with our second blog - who wants to read academic papers all the time, anyway? So we made an immersive adventure-based Role Playing Game (RPG) for you to explore the Yuan Dynasty! Step into the shoes of an explorer making his way through the Yuan Dynasty through our game and witness the rule of Kublai Khan, in political, economic and social aspects. 

Here's a few important game controls:

Use your arrow Keys to move

Press “Z” or “Enter” to accept/interact with other characters.

Press “X” to  cancel

Also, take a look at the full script of the gameplay if you missed out any information while playing.

To play the game...

Click on the links below to be directed to another website to play the game. However, the game will load pretty slow online, so please be patient! 

Else, we would recommend you to download the game for a smoother and better game experience. (refer to "Here's how to download the game!)

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Here's how to download the game! 

Step 1: Download the game files from the links below!

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Step 2: Unzip the folder! It'll then ask to extract game data- choose somewhere to extract the data (Desktop, Downloads, Documents, etc.) 

Step 3: Click on the file called "Game". It's file type would be "Application".

Step 4: The game will run and enjoy!


Step 2: Unzip the folder! It'll then ask to extract game data- choose somewhere to extract the data (Desktop, Downloads, Documents, etc.) 

Step 3: Click on the file called "Game" and the game will run!

Alternatively, if Step 3 doesn't work...

Step 4: Download the files from the Windows link instead.

Step 5: Download WINE and follow the instructions on this site. Looks complicated but once you download WINE it gets simple, trust me!  

(Download WINE even if you're not playing our game, it's a great addition to a mac in general because it enables you to open any windows applications on your mac for free!)


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