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black death

Black Death: A Test of Faith

The Black Death was a period of turmoil and hardship, especially for the Church. Many Christians struggled with their faith in God, as they sought for an explanation to the horrors and tragedies they experienced during the Black Death. Follow Gordon and Curious Chloe on their journey to discovering the truth about Christianity during the Black Death.  

Death has a favourite colour

Death has a favourite colour

Hello everyone, for our last post we will be creating a character to represent the infamous plague, the Black Death. There have been quite a number of plague’s in history, but we will be focusing on the Black Death, which took place in Europe in the 13th century, and we will be portraying him as a blogger on Tumblr! “The Black Death” has reappeared and would like to educate the internet about his amazing journey through Europe and the people he met!