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Gothic Medieval Europe Architecture and Art

The Middle Ages constitutes from 500 – 1500 CE, which is divided to early, high, and late medieval ages. The Gothic Age was during the High Middle Ages, following the downfall of the Romanesque period. Christianity was a great influence in art and architecture during the Gothic Medieval period in Europe. Churches in Europe then were evidently built in Gothic style, with the significantly gothic-styled flying buttresses and stained glass. Also, art, in the form of frescos, sculptures, panel paintings, and illuminated manuscripts, often depict important Christian figures such as Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary. The impact of Christianity is obvious in Gothic Medieval Europe’s architecture and art. People, then, were deeply influenced by their faith and displayed their dedication on their religious buildings and art.

Black Death: A Test of Faith

The Black Death was a period of turmoil and hardship, especially for the Church. Many Christians struggled with their faith in God, as they sought for an explanation to the horrors and tragedies they experienced during the Black Death. Follow Gordon and Curious Chloe on their journey to discovering the truth about Christianity during the Black Death.