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The Maid of Orléans


Hi everyone! We wrote a song about Joan of Arc and her life. The music was written with multiple movements in mind, depicting Joan's bipolar disorder, as well as the different significant events in her life (or death). Hope you guys enjoy it!


Jeanne was born in the year
Fourteen-Twelve; in France
She had Visions and Aspiration
Like a man she dressed
Cropped her hair because
A voice from heaven had told her to

Cometh Whence She was 18
Decked in Armour, Shiny and Clean
She rose to battle, with swords and arrows
And a band of warriors to fight for her land

Joan of Arc
The Maid of Orléans
Joan of Arc
The Maid of Orléans

She was a virgin who dressed like a Man
Her visions told her to fight for her land
She joined the army of the Dauphin to fight
For France in the Hundred Years War

Spring, Fourteen-Thirty, she was captured and was sent
To several prisons with seventy counts of:
Witchcraft, heresies, and indecent dress
Though her life had only just begun

Joan of Arc
The Maid of Orléans
Joan of Arc
The Maid of Orléans

The 30th Of May
Joan was no more
They burnt her alive
Accused as a witch

Evil is she
Joan was no more
Death it shall be
At Nineteen years of age

May the Sixteenth, Nineteen-Twenty
She was found innocent again
Canonized, a Saint of France
She fulfilled her life, in Death

‘The Maid of Orléans’
Music by: Maximilian Tay
Lyrics by: Maximilian Tay and Shawn Koh
All instruments and voices by Maximilian Tay

Audio recorded and produced by: Maximilian Tay
Photo taken from: Wikimedia Commons at